Core Competence


Working together, everyone contributes a signature strength. Our collaboration allows us to achieve amazing results, making us more successful than we could ever imagine.

Together Everyone Achieves more - is the believe of Nordition, Co. Ltd.


Nordition Co. Ltd, is the leading manufacturer of premium quality blade guards, hockey pucks, sport mouth guards and other plastic related accessories for sporting goods industry.

We take pride in our carefully designed items, and our R&D team is always looking for any ways to improve the design and comfortable fit concept. Taking advantage of the creative minds of our staff and innovative technology, we gather both styles from all areas of life, and ideas for functionality improvements. This contributes greatly to our leading position in the sporting mouth guard and accessories .


Nordition Co. Ltd, provides a ONE-STOP agent service for all your buying in Taiwan whether via local suppliers, manufactures & distributors or via the factory directly. Collect all cargoes together to save all the costs for you.

桔禾企業有限公司創立於台灣台南市,由一群年輕的團隊所組成,大家團結一心為台灣運動產業外銷所努力,長期以來致力於冰刀套,曲棍球, 運動牙套的研發設計及生產;配合每位客人OEM/ODM產品需求,以創作雙贏的商業合作模式。